MVO: Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen (CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility)

Partnerlogo MVO NederlandSpitters is a partner of MVO Nederland; Samen veranderen (CSR Netherlands; changing together).

As a partner, we are part of a growing network of more than 2,000 companies and other organisations.
The common goal is a more durable business world.
Whether it is about saving energy, reusing raw materials or employing people with labor constraints; each partner is contributing.

What is MVO (CSR)?
MVO (CSR) is a comprehensive vision on durable business. A company that works in a socially responsible way, is weighing both the social and economic effects of every business-related decision, and it takes into consideration all interested parties.
These interested parties are not only employees and clients, but also local residents, suppliers, investors and even the society as a whole.

Spitters believes that it is important to engage in a conversation with their interested parties. This is how we gain insight in the effects of a decision for others.
Moreover, we think that transparency regarding business activities and its social effects is of great importance.

From our point of view, MVO (CSR) is not only about making existent business more durable.
Spitters takes CSR to the next level by adopting at new markets and business models, aimed at profit for the people, the society and the environment.

As a partner of MVO Nederland (CSR Netherlands), we endorse the following principles:

  1. In all our business-related decisions we strive for a healthy balance between people, planet and profit.
  2. We strive for a minimal ecological footprint and realize this by reducing environmental impact, energy consumption and CO2 emission, among other things. If possible, we strive for clean production.
  3. We take care of our employees’ vitality, availability and development.
  4. Within our workforce, we strive for diversity concerning gender, origin, culture and age.
  5. We create opportunities for groups of people that are having difficulties on the labor market.
  6. We are constantly looking for new developments in the field of durable production and services.
  7. We are open to co-operation and partnerships and we are willing to actively share our knowledge and experience.
  8. We contribute to liveability in the city or district we are working in.
  9. Periodically, we formulate new MVO (CSR) goals, we inform honestly about our progress and we are willing to consult with interested parties regarding these goals.