Quality, Arbo (OHS) and environment

The Spitters board is convinced that good policies lead to a level of quality that is needed to perform according to the wishes and demands of our clients.

The principles for good policies in the enterprise are:cert_ckb_small

  • Meeting the wishes of a client concerning the completion of products and services in due time and quality;
  • Taking care of the knowledge and commitment of every employee within the organization concerning the company policies.

To carry out the principles above, we use a quality system that meets or exceeds
the requirements of:

ISO 9001:2008, VCA (HSE)**, CKB (Certificate approval cable infrastructure and pipelaying companies) and Arbodienst (OHS) norms.

Obviously Spitters is in possession of the required certificates to be able to meet these requirements.

Therefore we, the board, strive for optimal labour conditions for our employees.
By doing so, we want to guarantee the safety and health of our employees and others as much as possible.
In addition, we give high priority to MVO (CSR).