Fiberglass; Fiber to the Home / Fiber to the Business

For several clients, Spitters has developed itself as an interesting contractor in the field of FttH (Fiber to the Home) and FttB (Fiber to the Business).

The principle of Fiber to the Home (FttH)

Fiber to the Home (FttH) is a fiber network that aims at high quality broadband services, which consist of various components.

  • Ap/Cp (POP) spot. This is a central unit in a district .POP
    Among other things, the link to the national network is to be found here.
  • From this POP, the high-fibrous feeder cables lead to the distribution point (DP boxes). The connection between these POPs and distribution points are 96v fiber optic cable feeder routes in a 7x14mm tube.
  • DP (distribution point) box. From this spot, a maximum of 48 houses are to be connected by the 96v fiber optic cable. This DP box is placed underground on the cable route.
  • A 2-fibrous (DAC) cable is the final connection between the DP and the customer’s location. This cable is finished into a so-called FTU (Fiber Termination Unit) in the house.
  • This FTU is the final point of the fiber. If the customer wishes to receive services via the network, a modem is placed onto the FTU.

FttH was developed to meet the increasing need by consumers for a high quality, stable and fast broadband connection.

However, not only speed is important. Services such as remote care, remote education, safety and local initiatives are increasing and are supported by this type of network.

Netwerkstructuur Area POP - woning


The same principle broadly applies to fiber optic networks that are to be constructed at industrial estates or business parks.

In these cases, the capacity and speed of the network are obviously of crucial interest. When all companies would have the possibilities of working over high quality broadband networks, the economy would be significantly stronger.
Companies can save a considerable part of their expenses and thus leading to a better competitive position, by outsourcing their automation of the working process. Faster and automated connections lead to more efficient co-operation.

From the design stage onwards, we realize large-scale projects for various clients in the Netherlands. A realistic approach, both from the technical and the financial perspective, is the base from the engineering towards a successful rollout of the fiber optic networks for our clients.

Spitters can provide the management and maintenance of these networks as well.