Engineering, the road from nothing to a solid network

In our current society, telecommunication and data communication are omnipresent. TV, telephone, internet and computer networks are getting more important every day, both for companies and individuals. The usage of internet (data communication) is doubling every year. Nowadays, there are already more than 10 billion devices that are constantly connected to each other via internet, which is more than there are humans on our planet.
TV’s with an internet connection are getting more widespread as well, but the developments do not stop here. There are already refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines and more on the market that can connect to internet.

To achieve this, a solid network is absolutely crucial;

A solid network starts with listening carefully to the client, giving advice, making a pre-design and budgeting.
Subsequently come detailed designing, applying for permits, producing data for the purpose of the network construction and, ultimately, managing the performance and processing data from the network as it is built.

For these purposes, Spitters has an engineering department consisting of a dynamic group of enthusiastic and experienced people, who are experts in this area for both coaxial and fiber networks, as well as hybrid networks.
We use the most up-to-date dedicated software, meeting the latest requirements to design these networks. Our combination of practised experts and dedicated software gives us the ability to provide you with the highest possible quality and to completely unburden you.
Our employees of the engineering department are working every day on the designs of these networks and they keep up with the latest developments and innovations, which guarantees knowledge.

The thought process is:
From the first draft until the processing of the constructed network, we will consult with you on appropriate occasions, because conceiving and defining together increases the engagement and conceptualization concerning the plan, design or realized network.

Because the network that is being designed or constructed, is or becomes your property after all.